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Are You Afraid of Cemeteries?

Are You Afraid of Cemeteries Skull Gal

Cemeteries are scary places for some people. Others think they’re a great place to walk around in. What do you think?

This Are You Afraid of Cemeteries Post will cover…

  • Why Might Some People Be Afraid of Cemeteries?
  • Why People Were Afraid of Cemeteries
  • Other Reasons People Gave for Being Afraid of Cemeteries
  • Reasons People Like Visiting a Cemetery
  • So Are You Afraid of Cemeteries?
  • Bottom Line

Read on below and find out if you are afraid of cemeteries or not.

Why Might Some People Be Afraid of Cemeteries?

There’s a word for being afraid of cemeteries, coimetrophobia. Do you have it?

I looked online at some Yahoo Questions asking if people were afraid of cemeteries.

The answers were varied. It seemed about half were afraid and the other half either liked cemeteries or were neutral about them.

Here are some of the reasons given for both.

Why People Were Afraid of Cemeteries

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I’ll just put some of the reasons people were afraid of being in a cemetery down in no particular order.

These are just a generalization from the responses I saw on Yahoo Answers to a similar question and some that were in response to my question on Facebook.

Some of these are the same as my reasons, (Yes, I’m not always thrilled to be in a cemetery. Skull gal doesn’t like dead bodies. So sue me.) and if so I’ll admit it.

Here are 12 Reasons Why People Do Not Like To Be In A Cemetary

1 – So, first off, some people are basically repulsed by dead bodies. That would be me.

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I know those bodies are in the ground or behind cement but still. Brr.

I feel contaminated, I know, no reason for it, but there it is.

I have to clean myself and my clothes and coat and shoes and everything as soon as I get home.

It makes me feel unclean and disgusting otherwise.

No matter how clean that cemetery is, I have to do that. I guess I’m not alone.

Other Reasons People Gave for Being Afraid of Cemeteries

Reasons People Do Not Like Visiting a Cemetery Skull Gal Paranormal Story

2 – Some are afraid that they’ll walk across a grave and anger the spirit of the person buried there or that if they make noise the spirits will be ticked off.

Disturb our peace, will you? Take that! They are afraid of revenge.

3 – Others just feel the cemetery is for the dead, not the living. An exclusive club, if you will, that doesn’t accept your kind. Well!

4 – It’s too quiet for others. Who do they think will make noise, especially if they go alone? Maybe I don’t want to know.

5 – A few people start thinking about their own mortality and that someday, they could be here. Not a very comforting thought.

6 – Still, others are reminded of people who have passed and miss them. That’s not exactly being afraid, but it’s still a reason for not going into one, so I’m putting it here.

7 – Blame it on the horror movies! Too many scary films set in graveyards and with vengeful (you walked across their grave, damn it) ghosts chasing people out. They might even follow you home. Really, it’s better not to risk it.

8 – There are some who feel the energy and say there’s too much energy in a cemetery.

You have to wonder where it’s coming from unless they feel the emotions of the people who grieved there.

9 – It’s said strong emotions linger in the air and sensitive people can feel them. That’s especially true in places where something traumatic happened, so this is a pretty legitimate reason.

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10 – A surprising number seem to be afraid that living people could be waiting behind tombstones ready to jump out and mug or rape them. Could happen.

11 – Others just don’t want to be arrested. This is a private graveyard. You’re trespassing. Git out!

12 – Sometimes, it’s just more mundane. Stupid bugs.

Reasons People Like Visiting a Cemetery

Reasons People Like Visiting a Cemetery Skull Gal Paranormal Story

What are the Reasons People Like to Visit a Cemetery? Surprisingly enough many people like to visit a cemetery.

We were kind of surprised by the answers that we saw.  We have listed some of them below.

1 – It’s quiet and nice to go in and take a walk. There’s a peacefulness that they can’t find anywhere else.

2 – A few even go for picnics in graveyards. Same reason.

3 – Then there are the people who go for historical research either into their own family or for a location.

4 – Gravestone rubbing, where you rub graphite over a paper placed over the headstone inscription to get an impression of the engraving, is popular among many people.

5 – Sadly, to visit their loved ones. Of course, bring flowers to their graves.  Some people like to take care of the plot. Some people like to talk to their loved ones as well.

So Are You Afraid of Cemeteries?

There are other reasons. Are you afraid of cemeteries?

Maybe you can handle them in the daytime but not at night. Or the other way around.

Maybe you’ve spent the night in one.

Every once in a while a homeless person will sleep there as no one will disturb them. Would you?

Bottom Line

Seems that people have more reasons to be afraid of a cemetery than reasons to like being there. For a visit, that is.

But, here’s the thing. I think we kind of like that chilling, creepy feeling we get from a cemetery, whether we’re willing to admit it or not.

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For the same reason that we like horror movies.

It’s a fun kind of scary because we know on some level that nothing will really hurt us, but the possibility of it is kind of a rush.

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