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Deceptive Religious Books on the Paranormal


Deceptive Religious Books and New Age and Paranormal Topics.

A word on deceptive religious books. In looking at various publications and online sources of paranormal topics, I found some that weren’t what they seemed at first.

A Religious Response

Some people who follow a fundamentalist religious belief, in other words, a belief that has certain fundamental elements as its basis seem to have found these near-death experiences threatening to their religious belief.

So, they have written books or gone on TV and said that they have had a near-death experience and it just so happened that they found that when they “died” they found that the afterlife was exactly as their holy book said it was.

The trouble with this is that these books weren’t written until the original ones had already come out.

Now, really. If you had proof like that that your religion was the truth after all, wouldn’t you have put it out for all to see immediately? I would.

But, nope, these things all came out quite a while after the original studies and after people began to become very interested in them.

And those original experiences and the others that are being compiled by people in the medical community or by those who have experienced them are all very similar, regardless of the religion of the person having them and they don’t conform to this religion at all. Almost disproves it.

False Advertising

These religious authors make it look as if they are believers in whatever paranormal experience they write about but as you read it you find that they claim the paranormal belief is evil and tout their religion as being the answer to everything.

If they had put a caveat to the effect that this is their religious belief’s view of these things in the title or prominently on the cover that would have been one thing, but they don’t and make it seem as if the book is like the others that originally came out.

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It’s intended to trick you into hearing about their religion when you were looking for a paranormal topic by someone who is really interested in it.

So don’t be fooled. Once you start hearing about their religious take on these topics, take note of the publisher, production company, or whoever is in charge of its creation.

Look them up on the internet and see what other authors or imprints they have and other associations and then you’ll know what to look out for and stay away from.

If you can find out a denomination or name of an organization, that will help you keep clear of those as well, especially if someone approaches you.

One good thing. If they’re pretending to be something they’re not in this area, they’re deceptive in others and you’ll know to stay away from that version of religion, even if someone from it approaches you, no matter how nice they may seem.

I was a member of one of these groups for 18 years, and it’s the one that’s so political now.

Its sole purpose is control and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Actually, going back to the paranormal and new age teachings was very healing for me. So, be careful and know your sources of information.

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