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Ghost Hunting Equipment from Amazon

host Hunting Equipment From Amazon Skull Gal Paranormal Story

Ghost hunting equipment doesn’t have to be hard to find. Since ghost hunting is becoming more popular, we thought we’d take a look at what Amazon has to offer.

You don’t need a lot of the fancier equipment and technology that’s out there for a ghost hunt, although it would be a lot of fun, not to mention, really cool.

This list goes from more essential equipment to ones that you may want but doesn’t necessarily need. So you get a good start and can add items as you go.

  • Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • Additional Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • Wishlist Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • A How-To Use Ghost Hunting Equipment Video
  • Get Going With Your Ghost Hunting Equipment

You can start with some basic ghost hunting equipment to catch that ghost and work your way up to the more advanced items.

Ghost Hunting Equipment on a Budget

host Hunting Equipment From Amazon Skull Gal Paranormal Story

As you use these ghost hunting tools you will get more proficient with the basics and your interest will grow. Or not.

You may find that paranormal investigating it’s not as much fun as you thought it would be and much of it can actually be boring.

Waiting around for something to happen or going over footage or a recording trying to find something anomalous can be pretty tedious.

It takes patience and dedication, but if you have those qualities, hunting for ghosts may just be for you.

I have been on a few ghost hunts but the only equipment I’ve used was a KII EMF Meter and a voice recorder.

The other equipment was used by others, so I have no experiential knowledge of those pieces but will relate to what most people seem to say about them.

So let’s get started with the basics.

Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment

You can do a ghost hunt with just some simpler technology that you’d use for other things as well.

Basics would include a flashlight to find your way around in the dark, a camera to take pictures in known hotspots to see if anything shows up, a camcorder to record events, and a digital voice recorder to capture spirit voices.

LED Tactical Flashlight

The first thing you’ll need is a flashlight so that you don’t fall over something and break something you might need, like your leg.

These ghost hunts are done in the dark, after all.

You can try the Eveready brand that’s been around for a while and is pretty well trusted.

It’s inexpensive, too but still does the job.

Another one to try is The Gearlight Brand. The Gearlight is one of Amazon’s best sellers.

I chose to highlight this one because it has several settings so you can have a dimmer light so as not to block out a manifestation.

You can really light up the area to scout it out ahead of time and pretty much anything in between.

It’s also waterproof and won’t break if you drop it, so if something comes up behind you and yells “Boo!” and it goes flying, the impact on landing won’t hurt it.

Trail Camera with 3 Infrared Sensors

The next basic item that would be good to have is a good camera.

You’ll want to take pictures of the location and see if anything shows up.

It will need to work well in dark conditions as most apparitions seem to show up in the dark.

The Victure brand is used mostly for hunting, which I don’t agree with, but the features it describes would fit a ghost hunt perfectly. And it’s not very expensive.

It will take a picture without a flash and is motion-sensitive, so if something moves nearby it will take a picture.

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Just be ready to have a lot of pictures of bugs.

It also uses infrared. You can set it up for surveillance or hold it. It’s a good tool for paranormal investigating.

This one, the Lumix costs more but seems to be tougher and does a few more things.

It can take pictures in low light, it has a stabilizer so it will minimize blurry sections caused by your handshaking.

So you won’t be wondering if that’s a spirit in the corner and it’s really a motion blur.

The images are of a higher resolution and it will take a beating when you’re out in the field.

And Panasonic is a well-known name brand with a good track record.

If you can spend a little more, it could be worth it and you could use it for other events as well.

Video Camera Camcorders

Using a camcorder can help you get continuous pictures.

That can provide more chances for a spirit to show up on video.

Rather than just taking a still picture and hoping that friendly ghost was there at the time.

This one is from Linnse and has can be operated by remote control.

Has a motion sensor, and a time-lapse feature.

A microphone that’s supposed to be pretty clear.

The recording time is a little more extensive since you can use it while you’re charging it.

The Zuhulu 4k Wifi Full Spectrum Camcorder got some good reviews.

Including some reviews from ghost hunters, so that’s a good sign.

You can do infrared and full spectrum recording and it can be a webcam to go live.

The microphone is external. The video is high definition and comes with a touchscreen.

Digital Voice Recorders

You’ll want to try to record spirit voices so you’ll want a voice recorder.

This one by Sony is inexpensive and seems simple to operate.

It’s voice-activated so it will start recording when someone speaks.

Set it to record and leave a room to hear what causes it to begin recording.

Make sure you can’t be heard from another room.

Playback includes a noise-canceling feature, so you may want to playback in both modes to see what yields the best results.

Zoom H1N digital recorder Ghost Hunting EquipmentZoom H1N digital recorder Ghost Hunting Equipment

Eliminating background noise may help you hear a soft voice but, alternatively, a soft voice could be eliminated as background noise and you’d miss it.

A little more advanced, in a way, is the Zoom H1N digital recorder.

The controls are supposed to be simple to understand and operate.

You can interface them with your computer.

Includes the cables and Sandisk 32GB card.

This tiny recorder slips easily into your pocket or bag for the ultimate portability.

The recorder can record WAV (BWF) files at up to 24-bit / 96 kHz or MP3 files up to 320 kbps and VBR.

Broadcast Wave Format allows you to add track markers to your recording.

Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand

If you want to set up a surveillance camera, you’ll need a tripod.

This way you can have your camera recording a reported hotspot while you’re looking in another area and you can review the footage later.

Amazon’s basic tripod looks like it would do the job and not set you back too much money.

The tripod is lightweight, so it would be best for a smaller camera, but it wouldn’t do well in windy conditions.

Much heavier and it would be difficult to take with you to locations. A good way to get you started, though.

Additional Ghost Hunting Equipment

In addition to the basic ghost hunting equipment listed above, you might want to invest in some tools that will enhance your ability to detect spirit activity.

Digital Thermometers

You’ve heard that a ghost can be detected by feeling a cold spot, right?

Well, that’s the idea behind using a digital thermometer.

It measures the temperature in the air around you and you can tell if there’s a spot that is decidedly different than the air around it.

The reviews of the Etekcity Infrared Thermometer were mixed.

Most liked it and the few who didn’t have trouble with the battery failing prematurely.

It has an auto-off feature for the battery to keep it from being used up when it’s not in current use.

Infrared Thermometer No Touch Digital Laser Temperature Gun with Color Display
Infrared Thermometer No Touch Digital Laser Temperature Gun with Color Display

That could be why some people said it died so quickly. Perhaps they didn’t use that feature.

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But it’s inexpensive and could be good to start with.

Along the same lines and about the same price is the Sovercate Infrared Thermometer.

It has all the same features as the one above plus includes a meat thermometer.

You can use it in the kitchen, too. Bonus!

So if someone invisible is in the kitchen with Dinah, you’ll know it.

EMF Recorders

Okay, these are the things that the ghosts use or light up when they want to answer a question.

Usually, EMF recorders are used to detect electromagnetic energy around an area.

Is your microwave leaking, is there a lot of electrical energy being emitted from something that could be making you feel like there’s something creepy there when there isn’t, that sort of thing.

You use it to see if there are any electrical sources like a fusebox nearby that could be giving off energy.

If there isn’t anything nearby and you ask a question and it registers something, that could be great Aunt Florence come to pay a visit.

Erickhill EMF Digital Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector

The Erickhill EMF Meter got a lot of good reviews.

It has an LCD face that makes it easy to know how high the EMF radiation is.

If it gets real high then lights flash and a buzzer sounds.

Like the kind that I used, almost identical.

The thing would go off in the middle of the night and I’d be able to ask questions and get answers.

Apparently, someone killed a few blocks over was passing by.

Obviously, yes or no questions and I used the process of elimination to come to that conclusion.

It was borrowed so was sad to return it, but it was fun while it lasted.

KII EMF Meter Deluxe Black – Paranormal Research Meter

Another one that you could use is the KII EMF Meter and it does what the other one does.

Only in color and general gauges rather than in precise digital numbers.

When this one goes really high it just hits the red rather than using a buzzer.

You can hold it or just set it down.

Again, use it to check if there is any physical source of electromagnetic energy nearby that could be the real cause of it going off.

Wishlist Ghost Hunting Equipment

These next items aren’t absolutely necessary but would be nice to have and c’mon, they are just plain cool.

Thermal Monocular or Forward-looking Infrared

This here is the coolest gadget or hottest depending on your perspective.

It registers heat emissions from objects in the environment and displays a heat map of everything around.

Living things have a hotter signature and inanimate objects, barring a stove or something, are cooler and would show up in cooler tones.

An object or “person” not visible to the naked eye could show up as a shade on the thermal picture that doesn’t match anything that you can see in the area. Neat, huh?

The FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera (although one customer review said it didn’t have a camera) is supposed to be easy to operate.

Can be used in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

You can save the images and download them to another device so you see them better or send them to someone.

Could be a good tool to add to your ghost hunting toolbox.

HTI-Xintai Thermal Infrared Camera

The HTI-Xintai Thermal Infrared Camera seems to be a very good device if the reviews are anything to go by.

It seems to have a good resolution, and be easy to read.

It has a camera and will fit in your pocket.

I don’t see where you can use it to download the images, though, like the other one.

The quality is superior to the last one,  and you can use the camera feature so it has its advantages. Way cool.

Spirit Boxes

Another piece of equipment used for ghost hunting is a spirit box.

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These are the boxes that pick up radio frequencies, like a scanner, in such a way that it creates “white noise”.

A jumbled cacophony of sound allows the spirit to jump in and say something over the top of it using the energy of the box itself.

So, like a voice recorder, you can hear their voice.

You could ask the white lady why she’s still hanging around and she might actually tell you to mind your own business. In her own voice. Wow!

SBox Ghost Box Scanner

The SBox Ghost Box Scanner will let you record the session.

Some say that it sweeps the frequencies too slowly and actual radio announcers could be mistaken for a ghost.

Most users seem to think that it works well.

You can adjust the speed and go backward if you want as well as forwards.

Looks like it would be a good addition to your ghost hunting instruments.

Spirit Box P-SB7

The Spirit Box P-SB7 seems to be highly recommended.

It has several speeds and can go forwards and backward.

You can record the session and you may hear voices on playback.

These voices may not have been audible when you listened to them in real-time.

You might want to have this with you on future ghost hunts. A very useful tool to have.


Ultra Bright LED Headlamp - 5 Lighting Modes

Headlamps are what they sound like. Lamps you wear on your head.

Not a shade like on last New Year’s Eve, but a lamp.

It’s basically a flashlight that you don’t have to hold, so your hands are free to carry other devices or move stuff around.

The Vekkia Ultra Bright Cree LED Headlamp is a good basic light.

It has several degrees of luminosity including red.

So you can have it dimmer if you don’t want to risk making it too bright to capture an apparition on video. It’s easy on the budget, too.

A How-To Use Ghost Hunting Equipment Video

I wanted to find a video that shows how to use some of this equipment and found the one below by The Paranormal Detectives.

It’s really basic but very informative.

You’ll find some of the above-listed items and a little bit on how to use them.

Then you can get your own and get started hunting your own ghosts.

Get Going With Your Ghost Hunting Equipment

The Original Ghost Hunting Equipment Kit by Gen-El

You’ve got a really good list of ghost hunting equipment to peruse and choose from to start your own ghost hunting expeditions.

If the ones I chose don’t fit your style you can look at Amazon’s ghost hunting section and choose something else.

There are also kits available. We’ll list one here.

I want to start a set of ghost equipment myself.

It’s something I’ve wanted for a while.

For most of the hunts I’ve been on, I simply followed the others around and watched them.

I got to ask questions and see how it worked, but I admit, I’d like to work some of the equipment myself.

If you can afford it, go for it.

Most of this stuff won’t break the bank and you’ll learn a lot in the process.

There are other ways to hear from spirits, too, and we outline them here.

Have fun and good hunting.

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