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Past Life Regression Experiences That Fueled My Interest

Past Life Regression Experiences That Fueled My Interest - Skull Gal (1)

Past Life Regression Experiences That Fueled My Interest. Past life is a topic that has always fascinated me and I would like to discuss it more.

In this article, we will discuss…

  • Past Life Regression Experiences
  • Pompeii
  • Past Life Regression Experiences Snippets
  • Egypt
  • A Middle Eastern Concubine
  • The Titanic
  • Boarding the Ship
  • Looking For a Child
  • Possible Past Life Connection?
  • How About Yours

Keep reading below about my Past Life Regression Experiences.

Past Life Regression Experiences That Fueled My Interest

As part two of the previous reincarnation article, I’d like to share some of the Past Life Regression Experiences that fueled my interest in this topic.

Maybe they will show some of the ways that past life memories can come to you and validate some of your own experiences.


POMPEII Past Life Experiences Skull Gal

One of my first past life regression experiences was when I was about 8 years old or so.

I was fascinated with archeology and ancient cultures, I still am, and I had found a book in the library about Pompeii.

In looking at the pictures of the city, I had an eerie feeling come over me.

The thought came to me in amazement that I never thought I’d see the city again and I became mesmerized by the buildings and murals.

But, when I saw the plaster casts of the people, I did an odd thing.

I eagerly began looking to see if features had been preserved. I was looking for someone I knew.

This was the first I had heard of this city, yet I reacted like someone who had known it and had stumbled upon it again accidentally.

And the feeling was one of mixed pleasure from whatever experiences I’d had there and sorrow at its end.

Even though I’ve actually never been there. In this life.

Past Life Regression Experiences Snippets

Past Life Regression Experiences Snippets Skull Gal

Further past life regression experiences included a few small feelings and flashes of thought that had nothing to do with my life at the time.

Throughout my childhood were small, fleeting impressions that came and went almost too fast to capture, except for a lingering emotion.

I felt that I had once killed someone and got the electric chair, a glimpse of a farm wife in a mirror (this was in my head, not a real mirror),

The knowledge of how antique devices worked and what they were for, that I had never seen before.

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A friend turned against me when I left the church and I saw in my mind the same person and myself.

Only we were wearing the clothes of inquisitors in the early days of church rule.

We were in a stairwell made of stone and lit with torches in the wall.

I was leaving as I’d accidentally killed someone during torture and I hadn’t thought it would ever get that far.

He was trying to get me to stay and accusing me of the same things then that he was currently accusing me of in this life.


Egypt Past Life Experience Snippets Skull Gal
This is the next of my past life regression experiences.

My interest in ancient cultures naturally included Egypt.

A visit to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum yielded an experience.

There was a small fragment of a sarcophagus in a display case. There was no identifying placard.

I immediately saw in my mind’s eye, myself as a man, in the white kilt that they wore, sitting cross-legged on the ground, working on it.

My wife was carrying a plate into the house behind me. I could see hills in the distance. It only lasted a moment.

Later, I was at the library and looking at books on Egypt.

On a map of the area, I was drawn to a location on the Nile that flowed between two high plateaus.

I felt that that was where the fragment had been from.

I talked with someone from the museum and they confirmed that it was thought to have been found there.

There just hadn’t been any identifying information in that display case as so many pieces from that donor had been from so many different places, they had lost track of exact info.

A Middle Eastern Concubine

A Middle Eastern Concubine Past Life Experience Snippets Skull Gal

Dreams are another way to access past life regression experiences and I think I’ve found some that way.

In one, I was a Middle Eastern woman sold as a concubine to a wealthy man.

His wife, a relative in this life, hated me and I could see her looking with malice at me.

She couldn’t have children and I had become pregnant and would have the master’s child.

In another dream, I was staggering along a dark passage. I was very ill and you could see that I was pregnant.

I eventually fell and died there. The wife had poisoned me so that the child wouldn’t be born.

I had an off and on again relationship with her in this life. She liked me but didn’t always treat me as an equal.

The Titanic

The Titanic Past Life Experience Snippets Skull Gal

The most detailed of my past life regression experiences was a dream that I had that concerned a child at about the turn of the century, looked to be about the early 1900s.

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I was a child and crying to my mother, who was fixing something in the kitchen on one of those island counters in the middle of the room.

There was another woman, a maid or my nanny or someone like that, also fixing the meal.

I missed my father, who wasn’t there and who had been gone for a while.

My mother kept insisting that he was just somewhere else and that we’d go to see him, but I had trouble understanding any of that.

All I knew was that he wasn’t there now and I couldn’t stop crying over it. I was about 3 or 4 years old.

A subsequent dream had us going by horse-drawn carriage to a wharf.

We arrived and stood at the end of the street, where the thoroughfare used by the carriages was of cobblestones and the sidewalks were wooden, I think.

Boarding the Ship

Where we were standing was at the top of a broad wooden stairway, and we could see a large ocean liner being loaded with freight and passengers boarding via the plank.

We joined them and started our journey.

On the way, I was still crying over missing my father. My mother kept saying we were going to see him.

There was a woman who was with us, who helped care for my baby brother.

We were sitting in the stateroom and I was clinging to my mother as she sat, with my face in her lap.

One day a few months after that, I was at a bookstore and saw a book on old ships that had met with disaster.

Why I decided to look at that, I don’t know, but at some point, I saw a picture of a pier and a ship being loaded for launch.

It was the same scene as in my dream. The photographer had been standing a little to the right of where we had been by the look of the angle.

This was the Titanic, yes I know, cliche to think you were on it in a past life, but the scene was the same.

Looking For a Child

I began a search to see if I could find that child.

I eventually found a four-year-old girl, who’s father had gone ahead to America to prepare a new home for them and who had a baby brother.

The only one with that exact family situation, as most children were traveling with the whole family, including the father, or had many more brothers and sisters.

Her name was Treasteall Peacock and her brother was Alfred, who was 7 months old.

She and their mother, Edith boarded in Southhampton.

They were to meet her father Benjamin in New Jersey where he had gone ahead to build an engineering job and eventually earn enough to send for the rest of the family.

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I wonder if I had been Treasteall.

There was a picture of Edith and Alfred, but not of Treasteall until recently.

She looks a little like I looked at that age.

Possible Past Life Connection?

Possible Past Life Connection Skull Gal

Interestingly, my current supervisor gives me an unusual feeling, like that of a soul connection.

They say to look at ways of interacting that aren’t normal for the current association and for us when we disagree, we fight like two kids on a playground.

That and we often go into kidding around mode, often like the imagination of kids making up fun scenarios.

We need to avoid the artichokes because they bite. That kind of thing.

I wondered if we had been children together in a past life and revert back to that relationship in unguarded moments.

If so, I reasoned that we may not have grown up together or maybe even grown up at all, because of the childlikeness with which we interact now, sometimes.

The only child lifetime that I maybe had that I knew of was the Titanic and Treasteall didn’t survive that.

I looked up every child between the ages of 2 and 8, the ages that I thought might have conceivably been playmates to Treasteall on the ship.

I looked at each photo until the next to the last child on my list.

There was a little boy named Thomas Henry Sage who looked like she might have looked at four years old.

He also didn’t survive, so they would have been children only and never knew each other as adults.

I sent her the picture and she doesn’t think so, but to me, it does look like her. So who knows.

Little Ms Margie Sue
Little Ms Margie Sue
Little Ms treastall-peacock
Little Ms treastall-peacock Image Source – encyclopedia-titanica.org

How About Yours?

These are some of the possible memories that I’ve had of past lives and why I’m so interested in this.

This might be the way that they show up for you, or they might come up another way.

Let us know some of your stories in the comments.

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