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Premonitions of Danger

Premonitions of Danger Skull Gal

Premonitions of danger have occurred to many people throughout history.

Perhaps you’ve had a warning that came out of nowhere or in an unusual way that prevented you from being harmed.

It’s hard to know where these warnings come from, but they use various means to reach you. We’ll take a look at some of them.

  • Ancient Premonitions of Danger
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Dream Premonition
  • Premonitions of Danger On the Titanic
  • Premonitions of Danger Recent Examples
  • Types of Premonitions
  • Some Personal Premonitions of Danger
  • Two Brothers
  • Premonitions at Work
  • A Voice of Warning
  • You Should Slow Down
  • Other Premonitions of Danger Stories

Ancient Premonitions of Danger

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Examples of psychic warnings are all through history. They are even found in ancient stories.

One of the oldest is about Cassandra.

She was King Priam’s daughter in Troy and had been given the gift of prophecy, but either because she refused the God Apollo’s advances or reneged on a deal with him to allow him to court her in exchange for the gift, she was cursed to never be believed.

She was able to see the fall of Troy during the Trojan war but no one believed her. So, she had to see her city fall.

Her own future was tragic and presumably, she saw that, too, but couldn’t prevent it.

In the year 44 BC, it’s said that Calpurnia, Julius Ceasar’s wife, had a dream in which she saw a statue of her husband bleeding profusely and Romans washing their hands in the blood.

The Greek historian, Plutarch, wrote about it and Shakespeare included the story in his play on Julius Ceasar.

Both Julius and Calpurnia didn’t believe in signs or portents so when she had this dream and told Ceasar about it, it was unusual for her to be so upset by it.

But, upset she was, enough to beg him not to go to the forum that day. She was sure that something bad would happen.

Of course, he didn’t listen to her and was stabbed repeatedly by his rivals. The lesson is clear. Listen to your wife.

Abraham Lincoln’s Dream Premonition

Closer to home and our own time, Abraham Lincoln reportedly had a dream about his own assassination.

He told his law partner, Ward Hill Lamon, and his wife, Mary Todd, although no one else seems to have been told until Lamon wrote about it some twenty years later.

In the dream, Lincoln went into the East room while looking for the source of the sounds of mourning he heard.

Finding a corpse wrapped in a funeral shroud with its face covered and guarded by soldiers and a number of mourners, he asked its identity.

In reply to his question as to its identity, he was told by a soldier that it was the president who had been assassinated.

This dream occurred three days before he was shot in the Ford Theatre.

He had also had a recurring dream in which he was sailing that usually preceded some important event during the civil war.

The last of these was right before his assassination and in this one, the boat was sailing very rapidly.

He felt that meant that all of these events were reaching their conclusion.

Lincoln did pay attention to his dreams, feeling that they often gave him information about events.

Premonitions of Danger On the Titanic

The Titanic seems to be a source of unending fascination for some of us.

Some of that fascination is due to the many feelings of doom and fears experienced by those who were to sail on her.

Eva Hart’s mother was very uneasy about the sailing, feeling that they were defying God by saying that the ship was unsinkable.

Her husband dismissed these forebodings and they boarded anyway. Although she and Eva were rescued, her husband perished. Again, listen to your wife.

Some who were uneasy didn’t make the voyage, deliberately booking passage on another ship instead or not leaving at all.

Some left at other ports before the ship traveled on to where it hit the iceberg. Several crew members never reported for duty.

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The most famous of these purported Titanic premonitions was the book, Futility or the Wreck of the Titan.

Written by Morgan Robertson, it told of a ship very much like the Titanic and its sinking after hitting an iceberg.

This ship also had few lifeboats, an inquiry into the sinking, and a few other details.

Otherwise, the story was quite different, focusing on a sailor who has some pretty unbelievable adventures.

What makes it so surprising, is that the book was written in 1898, fully 14 years before the Titanic went down.

The author revisited the book after the tragedy and added things like calling the Titan unsinkable, but otherwise, it was pretty prescient.

Premonitions of Danger Recent Examples

Similar to the Titanic, there were stories of people who had a bad feeling about going to the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.

From calling in sick to just deciding they wouldn’t show up that day, many people stayed home and survived that fateful day.

Others went to work, but still felt extremely uneasy and others, who didn’t work there, felt feelings of dread on visits there in the preceding days.

Delays and unusual circumstances kept others from being at work that day.

They were annoyances then but the people were grateful for them after the fact.

Obviously, it would be stretching things to call delays and things happening from outside these people’s control as premonitions.

They were still unusual, in that they happened at just the right time to prevent the ones involved from being there when the disaster struck.

I’ll always wonder why this happens to some people and not to others.

Types of Premonitions

Premonitions come in various ways.

Often they come as feelings. Some gut instinct that something isn’t right about a situation or a destination that day.

Or a feeling of concern for a person that you just can’t put your finger on.

Many come in the form of dreams.

Sometimes they’re symbolic and are hard to make out, but give you a feeling of dread, that something bad could happen.

Other times they are very clear, even showing in detail what could happen.

Some Personal Premonitions of Danger

Some of the topics I choose for Skullgal are ones that I have an interest in but no experience and others are ones that I’ve had a lot of experience in.

It’s why I became so interested in the paranormal, to begin with. Premonitions are one such topic.

My grandmother had a premonition that she tried very hard to prevent. Unfortunately, she was unable to.

Somehow, she knew that her oldest son would drown. She didn’t know when or where, but she knew how he would die.

She kept him from big bodies of water as often as she could, and limited a lot of his movements.

Nonetheless, he became a proficient swimmer and as he grew, she couldn’t protect him always.

Like me, he loved to read and went to the library often to borrow books.

One evening, when he was 17 and coming home with some books, the boys he was walking with dared him to cross the lake to the little dirt patch in the middle.

I don’t know if they were going to see how fast he could go or what, but he took the dare and set out.

He never made it to the patch or come back. The boys became alarmed and went for help.

A few days later, he was found caught in some reeds under the water.

He had become entangled and couldn’t get out. Of course, grandma was devastated, but there had been nothing she could have done.

Two Brothers

Grandma had been pregnant with another boy at that time who was born a couple of months later.

Thirty-seven years after his brother drowned, he visited us in California.

We were driving to Marine World and I was in the back seat with my uncle.

He was asking if we could stop for a pit stop, and my father said we’d find one soon.

While my uncle was singing little nonsense songs about a pitstop under his breath, I had the strangest idea that he wouldn’t be bothered by mundane things like bathroom breaks, eating, or sleeping soon.

I also saw in my mind’s eye, a view of the sun shining on the water as if I was under the water looking up at it.

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Then I saw a picture of my uncle as if he were a being of light.

Along with all this was a feeling from him as if his soul was more prominent for me than his body. I felt him as more soul than body, if that makes sense.

I have had this with other people, all the time with those individuals, and will talk a little on that another time, but this was a first with my uncle. https://skullgal.com/soul-connections/

He was nervous for the next few days, starting at noises from outside the house and needing to be reassured all the time.

A highly unusual state for a man who was a prison guard.

Three days after our Marine World trip, the rest of the family went fishing while I went to work.

When I got home, everyone was in a panic or crying.

It turns out that my uncle had gone out in the water to get someone out who wasn’t coming in when called, was caught in an undertow and pulled down.

They finally got him out, but it was too late.

He had drowned like his brother had a few months before his birth.

I think that the sun on the water I saw may have been the last thing he saw before he passed.

A year later, I woke up early one morning with chest pains and trouble breathing.

My parents were going to take me to the hospital when the pain kind of floated away.

We were mystified but went back to bed. A little before dawn we got a call from an aunt.

My youngest uncle, brother to the two that drowned, had been in an accident.

A car had hit him and crushed his face and chest. He was still alive for a short time but died in the hospital.

It had happened around the same time as I woke with the pain. I wonder if I felt what he felt at the time.

Premonitions at Work

I was at work and one of my co-workers was standing next to me talking with someone else.

He was in a good mood and drinking a regular cola but for some reason, I remembered hearing that he’d had a mild stroke once and felt he needed to be checked again real soon, and I felt he shouldn’t be drinking the cola.

It was an odd feeling and I dismissed it as just that—odd.

It turns out he was diabetic and wasn’t supposed to have that cola.

Three days later, (my window seems to be three days) he did have a stroke that he didn’t recover from.

I was working somewhere else and was supposed to take the money we got to the bank and make a deposit in the night drop at the bank.

We’d done this since I’d worked there and apparently that’s how it had always been done.

This particular day, I kept asking if I could put the money in the safe and deposit it in the morning or take a security guard with me.

The store was in a mall, so I had access to mall security.

I was denied both things and told I would be endangering my job to keep trying to change things. But, I was very concerned.

When it was time to go, I counted out the register, bagged up the deposit, and went out to the bank in the parking lot.

This was at approximately 10 o’clock at night. Not the smartest time to be going out with a bag of money.

As I approached the ATM, two men in masks and carrying guns with silencers came running up to me, yelling “Give us the bag! Give us the bag!”

I handed it over, they grabbed it and ran.

Then I ran to my car, got back inside the mall and ran to the first open restaurant.

The police were called and they took a report.

The store was questioned about their highly questionable business practices and when it was discovered that I wasn’t a manager and had only been hired a few months before, the fat really hit the fire.

We made the deposit in the morning after that.

A Voice of Warning

The most startling of these premonitions of danger warnings came when I was working at a daycare center.

It was one of my first jobs and started as a volunteer position.

I was just an assistant but loved being with the kids and teachers.

One day, I was alone in the nap room, rubbing the back of the last little boy to fall asleep.

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If I left him for an instant, this kid would have been everywhere, waking up the kids.

While I was kneeling by his cot, rubbing his back, I heard a woman’s voice say “Check on Tom” (not his real name).

I glanced over to Tom’s cot and saw him lying quietly so I just ignored the voice, thinking it was just my imagination.

So, I returned to rubbing the other boy’s back.

The voice returned, louder and more insistent than before, “Check on Tom and check on Tom now!”

I lost my balance and sat down hard.

Leaning over the other boy, I whispered, “I’m going to go check on Tom. Will you stay right here, quietly?”

He assured me he would and I went over to Tom’s cot.

The blanket was wrapped tightly around him, especially around his head.

He was on his stomach and I didn’t see the rise and fall of his back.

I tried to remove the blanket and found that it was very tightly wound.

Finally, it loosened and was able to be removed.

His face looked a little blue and I felt no breath when I put my hand under his nose.

I thought “Oh please, don’t let him die” and the next I knew, my hand went up and hit him hard on the back between his shoulder blades.

The result was a deep intake of breath, then he began to breathe in and out in big, large gasps.

This boy was a light sleeper, so the fact that when I hit him I didn’t wake him showed something had been wrong.

His face got very red and I went to tell someone. No one believed me.

His grandfather came to pick him up early and he was hard to rouse.

Since all it usually took was a light tap on the shoulder, this alarmed me, but still, no one said anything.

Then Tom got up and began to run around in circles, screaming.

Again, usually a touch and he’s up and toddling quietly out with his mother or whoever picked him up.

The teacher later told his mother but made it seem like I was just exaggerating and they laughed.

A couple of months later, the boy was having trouble with learning some things and his new teacher in the next level up said “Gee, it’s like he had air loss once or something” then looked at me and said, “Oh, Margie.”

I later found out that hitting between the shoulder blades will get someone breathing again.

You Should Slow Down

Here is a story that my friend told me about his most memorable premonition of danger.

He used to do a delivery run thru the foothills in the area.

Lots of twists and turns on the road. He had been doing this particular route for months without any incidents.

One day as he was driving he had the strange feeling that he should probably slow down for the next curve.

He had no idea where the notion came from, but he did slow down.

On the next turn, a car sped off from a driveway on the right.

If he had not slowed down, he would have t-boned that other car.

As it was, he missed it by mere inches.

Close call don’t you think? Let us know in the comments.

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We are taught to dismiss premonitions of danger or anything that can’t be explained by so-called logical means, but these premonitions have occurred from time immemorial and maybe we should listen to them. It could save our lives.

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