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Soul Connections. That feeling of unity with someone else. They’re the people who stand out for us.

You may feel like you already know them before you’ve even met or they just feel familiar. But, somehow, they stand out.

  • What Do I Mean By Soul Connections?
  • What are Soul Connections?
  • An Example of a Soul Connection
  • An Unusual Experience with Soul Connections
  • Another Type of Soul Connection
  • So What Are Soul Connections Really?

What Do I Mean By Soul Connections?

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To be honest, I never even had a word for this feeling before.

Earlier, I asked people to send me their first paranormal experience and we did our introductory article on that.

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In that article, I described my first paranormal experience involving a ghostly head appearing in the hallway.

But, in truth, that wasn’t my first paranormal experience.

It was meeting a little boy in kindergarten who I was immediately drawn to. I had no fear at the time of this feeling.

Later, I would be extremely nervous to meet someone similar. But, he and I played together and just enjoyed one another’s company.

In trying to find out what I felt around some people, I’ve had people describe either immediately liking someone or not liking them or just having that feeling that they’ve always known one another.

Some thought I was describing sexual attraction, but that wasn’t it.

I have had my feeling around people I had no sexual attraction for and for those that I did.

What I feel is a little different.

The person will stand out for me, like when I noticed a man who later became my friend all the way across a room.

I kept glancing his way, totally aware of where he was in the room.

My feeling is one of a strong tingling in my solar plexus then almost an electrical current going up and down my spine when the person is near.

Sometimes it’s extremely strong, and other times very, very mild or I just know that the person is different somehow.

And I can’t understand why other people don’t notice it around them, too. What I found out later is, that most often, it’s mutual.

What are Soul Connections?

Yeah, that was my question. What exactly is a soul connection?

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I came to describe it to myself and others as a feeling as if the person wasn’t entirely human.

I felt them as spirits more than humans.

The only time I’ve felt that with anyone else was if the person was going to pass away suddenly, and for the three days before, I would feel that from them when I never did for them before.

So, I think it’s their spirit that I’m sensing.

There’s a saying “We’re spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.”

Well, the best way I can describe this, I guess, is that I feel most people as human and sometimes they can be spiritual, but I feel these people as spirits or some other being just pretending to be human.

I’m wondering if we have a past life connection. Where most people would feel this as familiarity, “Oh look, it’s you again”, I feel it as immediate sensing of the soul itself because I’ve met that soul before.

That would explain why they mostly feel it too. And it would be a close relationship in the prior life, not a brief one.

An Example of A Soul Connection

In the article on reincarnation, I talked about a past life in Germany and meeting two people from there at the job I held at the time. https://skullgal.com/reincarnation/

One didn’t give me that feeling, but the girl, I called Gwen in the article, who may have been my sister, did give me that feeling and she felt it from me.

We may have come together in this life because we were dealing with a similar situation to the one we dealt with in that life.

But, just because we shared this didn’t mean we didn’t have disagreements. Oh, did we ever.

From what I hear, people that you reincarnate with will often be ones that you have problems with because you are working out old issues.

One thing about them, you feel drawn to them on one level and repelled on another. You think about them a lot. And if it’s mutual, they’re thinking about you a lot, too.

You learn a lot from one another as well. And you can reflect back on parts of your personality. You may be more similar than you are different.

An Unusual Experience with Soul Connections

I used to feel like someone I felt this from could read me, in other words, I couldn’t hide anything from them.

But, they can’t read minds, phew. Not so fast.

About the time I realized I wasn’t an open book, I found that I was.

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The gentlemen I had seen across the room that I referenced earlier, actually could. Or at least, mine.

I couldn’t hide a thing from him. And he said that he often could read minds.

I’ve noticed that those with whom I have this connection can also be psychically linked to me as well.

I knew when Gwen would be off from work and why. She knew things about me as well.

My current supervisor, one day told me that I’d already told her something, I’d just started to tell her for the first time.

When I pointed out that I’d been at the other end of the building when I’d thought to tell her about that customer, and this was the first I’d been back to this room, she looked shocked and ran into the back room.

Yes, I sensed her with this unusual feeling when I first met her.

By the way, when I tentatively asked if she’d felt something like this, thinking it was mutual as usual, she didn’t know what I was talking about.

One other person I know knew what I was talking about, but didn’t feel it from me. The only two that I know of.

Interestingly, both come up as 33 life path numbers in regular numerology.

Although it supposedly doesn’t count unless it’s done in the Pythagorean method, it still seems significant that a number that denotes someone who is connected with the spirit realm on some level all the time would make me feel as if they were more spirit than human.

Another Type of Soul Connection

Another soul connection occurrence that can sometimes happen between you is empathy.

I could literally feel what Gwen was feeling, sometimes even her physical symptoms. Even if I wasn’t in the same place as she was.

I called her once because I felt like she was sick and she was just about to go to the hospital.

On hearing this, I described her symptoms and she confirmed that this was what she was feeling and surprisingly, my knowledge didn’t surprise her.

I told her it was the stress and feeling of betrayal that came from the people in our room at work rejecting us for that religion. I’d felt it before. It would go away, it just hurt at the time.

These girls had been her friends before they converted to this religion and we were eventually removed from our jobs for not converting. In our past lives, we had been killed for not following this religion.

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She went to the hospital anyway and the doctor told her it was stress and it would eventually heal on its own.

Now that she and I don’t see each other as regularly, this empathetic link isn’t in effect anymore.

But, I don’t feel others’ physical feelings and emotions as if they were mine with people I’m not connected with.

Sometimes, if I touch someone else and they are hurting somewhere, I’ll feel it in my body, too, and their pain will ease, but that appears to be something else and not done on purpose.

I usually don’t know they’re hurting until after it starts within me.

So What Are Soul Connections Really?

I’m still trying to learn more. If you google soul connections, you’ll find several hits.

Most don’t describe what I mean by it and mostly use it as another name for soul mates, which isn’t what this appears to be.

But I’ve found a few sites that seem to answer the question. This is a good one http://thedreamcatch.com/4-signs-of-a-soul-connection/

We are eternal beings and we forget that very often.

Maybe the reason we meet someone who we resonate with on a soul level simply serves to remind us of that fact.

We go along getting mired in our everyday physical existence and then we meet someone who gives us a little touch of eternity and reminds us of our soul. Perhaps that’s the best reason to meet of all.

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