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Telepathy – Mind To Mind Contact

Telepathy Mind to Mind Contact Skull Gal

Telepathy is the ability to know what someone is thinking.

It’s sometimes called mindreading and is considered one of the psychic abilities.

In this article we are going to discuss…

  • What is Telepathy?
  • What Science Says About Mental Telepathy
  • Circumstances for Telepathy
  • The Role Of Emotion
  • A Theory on Brain Science
  • Transmitters and Gaps
  • Past Life Connections
  • Shared Crisis Connections
  • A Telepathic Story
  • So, Is Telepathy Real?

Read all about it below.

What is Telepathy?

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Telepathy, as mentioned above, is the ability to know what someone is thinking.

Some say that this includes the ability to know or feel how someone is feeling, but I think that may be closer to empathy.

According to Wikipedia Telepathy “is the purported vicarious transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction“.

A person who is empathic feels someone’s feelings as if they are their own and a telepath can pick up people’s thoughts.

It’s possible to be able to do one and not the other.

The word telepathy is made up of the words “tele” meaning “distant” and “pathos” meaning “feeling or perception”.

You’re basically able to hear what someone is thinking without being able to hear them speak or reading words written out.

The term was first used by Frederick W. H. Meyers who was one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research in 1882.

What Science Says About Mental Telepathy

I found a lot of information online about the scientific studies done. I’m not going to go over them too much here. Suffice it to say, they were unable to prove it.

Some people who claimed to be able to pick the location of an object from someone’s mind or solve crimes had to hold the person’s hand to do it.

Researchers then thought that they were picking up movement that somehow told them what they wanted to know.

Perhaps they thought that the person’s hand moved ever so slightly in the direction of the hidden object or something.

They said it certainly wasn’t mind reading. The people performing the feats didn’t claim to be psychic anyway.

Most of the people who did claim to be psychic were shown to be faking it.

Later tests used numbers and Zener cards, a set of cards with symbols=a circle, square, star, wiggly lines, and cross.

Most couldn’t get these. Some were able to pick up the number or symbol another person was looking at across from them or in another room, but researchers felt that they were actually reading facial and body movements or hearing something that gave clues to the right answer.

When put further apart, the percentage of right answers fell well below chance.

Circumstances for Telepathy

Another criticism was that, in many cases, the people knew each other too well and could guess what the other person was thinking.

So if an experiment used people who knew one another, the testers threw out any results as unusable.

Usually, when a spontaneous case of telepathic communication happens, it does happen with people who know one another. In fact, almost always.

So, I feel that the researchers weren’t trying to replicate the conditions in which it happens naturally, but set up test parameters that used circumstances that were never part of the original phenomenon.

People never picked up numbers or symbols in regular life.

They picked up other things and most of them were more relevant to their lives.

The Role Of Emotion

There was often is an emotional element to telepathy.

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They were missing a person or thinking of them, or the someone was hurt and another knew it and went to help, that kind of thing.

And that can’t always be explained away by them knowing each other well enough to know what they’d think.

How would they know that a person was in trouble and needed them, for instance?

A mother hearing her child’s voice call “Mom” while she was out and feel it was important to get home to check on him, to find that a heavy piece of furniture had fallen on them certainly didn’t know that was what their child would have thought at that moment.

Any researcher that would dismiss this as just “Well, she knew Johnny well enough to know that he’d be thinking of a piece of furniture on Tuesday at 4”, would be totally remiss to his profession.

In fact, though, they just don’t consider these cases at all, as if they never occurred.

So, just because science doesn’t prove telepathy, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

It may just be that the parameters weren’t correct, or there was a bias against it. Scientists are human, too.

A Theory on Brain Science

I recently read about how the brain works.

Something about how our brains transmit thoughts and impulses throughout the brain itself and into the rest of our body made me stop and think about what that might mean for the reality of mind-to-mind communication.

I haven’t seen any studies that linked the two, so maybe it could be a factor. Who knows? Let me bring you in on my thinking and see what you think.

If I understand this correctly, our brain contains neurons, little oblong neural devices, for want of a better word. Our thoughts and impulses are sent throughout our brains and bodies using chemical transmitters.

These neurons aren’t physically connected but are separated by a small space.

They are lined up with each other and one end acts as a transmitter that sends energy in the form of ions across the gap to the receptor on the end of the next neuron and so on down the line. These ends are called synapses.

An ion is a molecule with a net electrical charge and from that, again if I understand correctly, it has at least one extra positive or negative charge to make it either positive or negative rather than having an equal number of both which would make it neutral.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia entry that explains it, as my high school history teacher used to say, more better.

A man called Seeker made a video that shows how those ions jump that gap and travel around your brain.

Transmitters and Gaps

Now, it’s that whole idea of transmitters and gaps that got me thinking about how this could cause us to pick up someone else’s thoughts.

I used to work in radio, and we worked with transmitters and receivers all the time.

That’s how radio and TV work, or the broadcast kind anyway. A transmitter sends a signal to a receiver across space.

If the receiver is tuned to the frequency of the transmitter, it will receive the signal and you hear your favorite DJ speaking to you from your radio.

Further, there’s the idea of there being no space or time, (for another spin on that, check out our article on Time Slips and the concept that two atoms, if once connected will stay in tune with each other.

So, I put these ideas together and came up with this.

If our brains can transmit and receive and we all have that capability and signals can be sent across a gap, then what’s to prevent a signal from being transmitted across a larger gap, no space and time remember, to a receptor in someone else?

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You hear someone else’s thought in their voice, since we think in our own voice, in your head, however briefly.

And if atoms that have been connected somehow continue to be connected via quantum entanglement, then people you’ve felt close feelings for, another form of energy, that may have connected you energetically, would then be able to exchange telepathic messages.

It would explain how a parent would sense a child was in danger when away from them, I think.

That could be why it only seems to happen to people who know each other and why there is usually an emotional component.

Emotion carries energy and you’re connected to the person.

This could also be why strangers or even people who do know one another don’t do well transmitting numbers or symbols.

There’s no connection and where’s the emotional attachment to the number 1?

The ball’s in your court scientists. Get on this.

Past Life Connections

Another teaching I’ve come across is the idea that those who have lived several lifetimes together will pick up each other’s thoughts and sometimes emotions and physical sensations. I think that might be true.

There have been people that I have felt a connection with from the beginning. One friend knows what I’m not telling him.

I can’t keep a secret from him in any way, shape, or form. He knows. Sometimes I hear his voice when I’m half asleep at night, similar to how you hear your name called sometimes.

It’s usually a snippet of something, not a full sentence.

Basically, it seems to be what he’s thinking at the time at home or wherever he is.

We decided to test this theory a little bit and we did a telepathy experiment.

He’d hold something in his hand while we were on the phone and I had to tell him what he was holding.

I’d just get little things like its shape, size, or color.

Some of them I got right. Small, oblong, and grey was a little rock, for instance.

Can’t remember how many were right and how many were wrong, but it seemed to be quite a few hits.

He would tell me if I was warm or cold which may have invalidated some of it and there was no emotional attachment to a rock. But, still, it was interesting.

He also drew a picture and asked me to tell him what he drew.

I picked up a large swath of green at the bottom, some yellow at the top, a little brown at the side, and some red above it, but not what it actually was.

There was also a number involved.

I think I either said 3 or 10, don’t remember now.

He gave me the drawing and it was of a tree with 13 apples on green grass with a sun in the corner.

I tried to find the picture to put here but I can’t find it. We did this about 7 years ago.

Not sure if this is a case of deliberate telepathy, but interesting results anyway

Shared Crisis Connections

Then there was a lead person I had at a clerical job.

I felt a strong connection to her and had a dream later that we were sisters in 17th century Germany. We had a lot of stress and emotional charges on this job as the supervisor, manager, and rest of our unit were all part of a fundamentalist religious group.

I’d been part of this religious group several years before and recognized it immediately, but couldn’t find another job before I was let go for not reconverting.

Because this was the political version of Christianity, they got away with it, but the lead person was moved to another unit against her wishes.

Her family had a lot of political pull locally so they couldn’t fire her.

In the dream, we’d been killed for not converting to this religion and it turned out there was a big religious war in the area at the time and the inquisition had been the worst there with more people killed than in the more well-known countries for being in the inquisition. So we were repeating history in a way.

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All of this heightened the psychic connections and phenomena between us.

We’d know when the other was sick, I could often feel her symptoms.

One day I called her just as she was about to go to the hospital and described her symptoms to her.

She confirmed that those were her symptoms and interestingly enough, wasn’t surprised that I told her and not the other way around.

I recognized them as anxiety and intense grief, these girls had been her friends before they converted, and so I told her that she was reacting to what they were doing. I’d felt it before.

She still went to the hospital and that’s what they told her.

But, for some reason, when I felt those feelings, I knew they were hers.

I’m empathic, too, I think, which means I can pick up others’ emotions and physical sensations sometimes, but from a distance must have been telepathic.

So, a past life connection might mean a telepathic connection, too.

A Telepathic Story

Remember we mentioned knowing when a loved one was hurt or in danger? Well, our site owner, Leo Garcia, had such an experience and told me about it.

He went fishing with his daughter and a couple of her friends.

While he set up their spot, the girls went off to explore.

A while later, Leo had an overwhelming feeling that his daughter was hurt and needed him.

So, he left camp and went in search of her. He found them far enough away that he couldn’t have heard anything.

His daughter had twisted her ankle and was crying and the other girls didn’t know what to do.

He got her back to their vehicle, packed up everything, and got her to the doctor. But, who knows how long it would have been before one of the girls had thought to come get him.

How did he know? Maybe he felt her fear and responded. Who knows, but it shows there is a bond that transcends space and time when it’s someone you love.

So, Is Telepathy Real?

From a scientific standpoint, at least from their experiments so far, it isn’t. But, from an experiential standpoint, I’d say that there is definitely something to it.

For further information, you might want to check out these telepathy books I found on Amazon, one even says it will show you how to do telepathy or how to send a telepathic message.

I haven’t read them yet but the one on quantum theory looks like it might support what I was thinking about brain science. So that’s one for my reading list.

Telepathy: A Quantum Approach Book written by bestselling author Theresa M. Kelly, MsD

Telepathy: A Quantum Approach Book

Currently Available in Kindle and Paperback Versions.

Telepathy: Unlocking the Secrets of Sending Telepathic Messages and Psychic Development

Telepathy Unlocking the Secrets of Sending Telepathic Messages and Psychic Development

Available in Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover and Paperback Versions.

Empath & Psychic Abilities: The Practical Guide to Unlock the Secrets of Spirituality…

Empath & Psychic Abilities: The Practical Guide to Unlock the Secrets of Spirituality with Clairvoyance

Available in Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover and Paperback Versions.

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