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Timeslips Phenomenon: The Less Known Dimension

Timeslips The Less Known Phenomenon SKULL GAL

Timeslips Phenomenon seems to be happening more often. At least, it seems that people are starting to talk about them more. Let’s look at what they might be.

This timeslips phenomenon article will cover…

  • The Timeslips Phenomenon
  • What are Timeslips Phenomenon?
  • Some Examples
  • Why Would Timeslips Phenomenon Happen?
  • The Timeslips Phenomenon and the Illusion of time
  • Nothing Changes
  • Time Doesn’t Move
  • Time and the 4th Dimension
  • Timeslips Phenomenon and the Manipulation of Time
  • The Ripple Effect
  • Timeslips and Two Time Dimensions
  • Can We Time Travel?

You can read more about the Timeslips: the Less Known Phenomenon below.

The Timeslips Phenomenon The Less Known Dimension

Timeslips The Less Known Phenomenon

You’ve probably never heard of timeslips or maybe you have and don’t know what they are.

Essentially, it’s when a person or more than one person, is walking or doing something, minding their own business, and all of a sudden they find themselves in another place entirely. Or, rather, another time, entirely.

It’s usually the same location but at another time, often in the past, although some say it’s mostly in the immediate future.

What are Timeslips Phenomenon?

What are the Timeslips Phenomenon? There are stories of these occurrences from all through history. Each says similar things about what it is like to experience it.

It”s also known as time loops and time or temporal anomalies.

They’ll be walking along and pass a tree or cross a bridge or something and then see a house that they didn’t know was there or there will be people dressed in different clothing from another time.

Before they see these things they might feel numb or disoriented for a minute and there might be a type of mist or fog that swirls around.

What’s especially strange is that they can often interact with the people, who will tell them that they can’t be in that location or will give them directions.

The time for the experience can last for a minute or two up to a full day or night.

Timeslips Phenomenon Examples

Here are some Timeslips Phenomenon examples about the topic.

One couple spent the night in an old-fashioned hotel with no modern conveniences, where everyone dressed in period costume and the bill was surprisingly low.

Of course, you know that when they tried to go back another time, the hotel wasn’t there. And the pictures that they took were not on the roll of film when it was developed.

Another bought something in an old-fashioned shop only to find the next day that the person who waited on him had never been there and what he bought had been discontinued long ago.

I have to admit, I wondered that no one mentioned whether the people they interacted with reacted to their (to them)unusual clothes or that the money they used might have been different.

I think if I found myself in such a situation, which so far I haven’t, and tried to buy something using today’s currency in what I thought was just a retro shop.

The bills with the large head off-center of the president and the holographic features would make them think I was trying to pull a joke on them.

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I can’t see them accepting it. So the money had to be pretty close to theirs or the proprietors were unobservant.

Instead of trying to retell some of the stories I’ve read about time slips, I’ll just direct you to one of the most interesting ones I read.

It’s from Mysteriousuniverse.org and written by Jason Offutt.

Why Would Timeslips Phenomenon Happen?

Why Would Timeslips Happen

Why, Oh Why, Would This Happen? Who knows?

Why Timeslip Phenomenon Happen? It’s been happening for a while and from what I’ve read, one of the reasons we haven’t heard as much about it as we have hauntings and other phenomena is that people are afraid that if they say something, other people will think they’re strange. Or crazy.

So they just keep silent. There seems to be some talk of this happening more frequently than in the past and therefore people are speaking up more.

I looked up some possible explanations for why it happens, or at least my guess as to why.

Disclaimer, I am not in any way a physicist.

These are kind of hard to understand, at least for me.

But I can put links to where I got the info and those of you who are smarter than I am can look it up for yourself.

But I’ll give my take on what they’re saying.

The Timeslips Phenomenon and the Illusion of Time

Illusion of Time Phenomenon

Timeslips Phenomenon: The Illusion of Time. You read that right. There is a theory that time and space are an illusion. They don’t exist.

You’ve probably heard that there is no time other than now.

This present moment is the only one that exists.

Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow hasn’t happened.

Lots of new-age type people say this is the only time that you can do anything, in the now moment. They might be right.

Physicist Carlo Rovelli posited that there was simply a network of events in each now moment and we put them in sequence to make sense of them.

Everything that happens has its own address, if you will, where it resides. It stays right there.

We observe or experience these things in a sequence because we have decided to.

Each event we experience is regarded in reference to the others around it and we experience time.

Julian Barbour, a British physicist has this to say. “We have the strong impression that [things] are there in definite positions relative to each other,’ says Barbour. ‘[But] there are Nows, nothing more, nothing less.” – Source: aeon.co

Nothing Changes

Based on this, it’s thought that change is also illusory. Everything is now.

And that’s another point. All of these events are happening right now.

The moment it took you to read the previous sentence, read this one, and read the next one are all happening at once.

Einstein felt that “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Source: discovermagazine.com

Time Does Not Move

Time Does Not Move Timeslips Phenomenon SKULL GAL

Scientists and physicists believe that time doesn’t even need to look like it’s going forward.

It could go also go backward just as easily.

They think that we are always going toward entropy where things become more and more chaotic and random.

They also believe that the universe is expanding and when it expands as far as it can go it will then start to contract and go backward.

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We can meet ourselves on the way back.

The expansion is supposedly why we experience time as moving.

How this jives with time being an illusion is beyond me, but, like I said, I’m no physicist.

Time and The 4th Dimension

4th Dimension Timeslips Phenomenon SKULL GAL

Massachusetts Institute of Technology physicist Max Tegmark said things either happened in 3D over time or were in 4D where absolutely nothing happens.

Probably that now moment we were talking about earlier.

The 4D supposedly acts as another coordinate with the three other dimensions to fix you in space-time.

That’s as far as I can get with this. Really. I kind of get it but can’t explain it.

Here’s a cool link that will help all you smarter people out there to get the concept. This is Why Time Has To Be A Dimension.

To add to all of that is the idea that you can measure time in all levels of physics except at the quantum level.

When you get that small, it’s just gone. There’s your now moment.

Why do I think this could explain timeslips?

I’ll bet that since all events occupy the same space and we just think that time moves forward, that we could see another new moment from any time and experience it by accident.

We just sequenced off a little bit. Could be, right?

Timeslips Phenomenon and the Manipulation of Time

Manipulation of Time Timeslips Phenomenon

So now we hear that time doesn’t necessarily seem to move forward but could move backward sometimes or skip.

They say that it’s malleable. You can manipulate it. Cool. Set of instructions, please.

It seems that each event that has its address in space-time also affects space-time. It changes if I understand this correctly.

The event causes a ripple or a vibration throughout the space-time dimensions and it can go in any direction, presumably.

Each now moment and how we perceive it sends the flow to the next compatible event address. That’s how I interpret it.

The example given is of a ball thrown on a trampoline or onto a blanket.

It pulls the fabric towards the ball and other things on the fabric is pulled to it, as well.

So the event pulls the fabric of time towards it and other things go towards it also.

In this article Einstein was right: space and time bend explains it very well for you smart people out there.

Disregard the disclaimer that the article is 13 years old. There’s no time so it’s current.

Apparently, this pulling action is mitigated by gravity and the spin of the planets which makes it so that things don’t go all the way toward the object that caused the ripple.

So if you don’t want to get pulled into a certain event, just spin really, really fast.

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect Timeslips Phenomenon SKULL GAL

The effect is also likened to an object swirling a liquid around.

The liquid moves in the direction of the spinning object.

In this analogy, I’m thinking that time not only goes toward the object but goes down into the depression it makes.

You know how, if you put something heavy on a bed and anything else on the bed falls into the depression the heavy thing made?

And they sometimes wind up on top of each other.

Maybe when an event happens that distorts time it sometimes accidentally causes another time to land on our now time and we experience that.

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Another theory that may explain timeslips.

Timeslips Phenomenon and Two Time Dimensions

Yet another theory is that there are two dimensions of time.

In the Big Bang when time went forward with the expansion of the universe, another dimension was created on the other side of the Big Bang that created a universe going the other way.

Since they are on opposite sides, they’d never meet.

“Einstein was right: There is a four-dimensional space-time vortex around Earth, and the spin of Earth does twist space-time.” – Source: earthsky.org

But, as mentioned earlier, it’s thought that another stream of time is going backward, from the point where expansion ended and contraction began and that they are in parallel universes.

There is a small line that divides them and it’s possible that one will bleed momentarily into another. Timeslip, anyone?

So Can We Time Travel?

Can We Time Travel

After all that and especially that part about being able to manipulate time, we should be able to time travel, right? Apparently, wrong.

According to Wikipedia “Time travel is the concept of movement between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space by an object or a person, typically with the use of a hypothetical device known as a time machine.”

It’s a theory only and, so far, can’t be used to actually go when we’d like, well, when we’d like.

We manipulate it, to judge from what’s been said, in an unconscious way. So the timeslips phenomenon can happen maybe, just not on purpose.

Yet another theory claims our thoughts can change reality on a quantum level, so who knows, maybe someday we can slip in and out of time deliberately.

Until then we can hope to have it happen spontaneously. If the timeslip phenomenon happened for others, it can for us, right?

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