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Recognizing After-Death Communication From A Loved One

After-Death Communication is it Possible To Do - Skull Gal

After-Death Communication, is it possible? When we lose someone the loss is often hard to bear.

We wish loved ones communicating after death was possible so that we could hear from them once more.

Those we lose can sometimes engage in after-death communication with us if we are open.

What is After-Death Communication? “Experts have defined after-death communication (ADC) in a variety of ways: ADC is a spontaneous phenomenon in which a living person has a feeling or sense of direct contact with a deceased person.” – Source: digital.library.unt.edu PDF

After-Death Communication is it Possible?

After-Death Communication is it Possible To Do - Skull Gal PIN

It was late at night when Audrey was awakened by a sense that someone was there.

She looked up and saw her brother standing next to her bed.

She was only slightly startled and recovered enough to talk to him.

She asked if he was okay and he replied that he was doing okay.

It wasn’t how he’d have preferred to go, but he was alright and wanted her to know that.

The conversation was brief and soon he was gone. But his sister was reassured about her brother’s safety.

This happened in the 1980s. The two are my uncle and aunt.

My uncle had come to visit us and the family had gone fishing.

He went out into the lake to bring in his son, who was reluctant to go home.

In the process, he fell into a hole that created a small suction, enough to pull him under and he was drowned.

Coincidentally, or not, his older brother had also drowned 37 years before, a few months before this uncle, Ken, was born.

This is an example of a full-body apparition and verbal spirit communication, the kind most people hope for.

This isn’t common in our family and was a gift I’m sure my aunt treasured until the time she joined him a couple of years ago.

  • Barriers to After-Death Communication
  • More Usual Types of After-Death Communication
  • Some Personal Contact
  • To Sum Up

Barriers to After-Death Communication

After-Death Communication Barriers - Skull Gal

We’ll get the barriers out of the way before we talk about how our loved ones communicate.

Many people feel bad because they hear about all these ways that those who have crossed over let the ones who remain know they’re alright and they’re not getting anything.

There are a couple of possible reasons for that.

  1. They Have Not Acclimated Yet
  2. Our Grief Blocks The After-Death Communication

1. They Have Not Acclimated Yet

One is that the person isn’t acclimated to their new situation yet.

They may be confused at first or scared or any number of other reactions to finding themselves on the other side.

I’ve heard that this can happen when the death is sudden.

They may not even know that they have passed. At some point, they’ll become aware of a spirit guide or other benevolent being who will help them to adjust.

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This could take some time, so we have to be patient.

2. Our Grief Blocks The After-Death Communication

The other thing I’ve heard is that our grief makes it hard for them to reach us.

The strong emotions seem to be difficult for the spirit to get past for some reason.

It seems that they need to wait for our grief to lessen before they can reach us.

Or it could be that the intense feelings of loss make it hard for us to hear them.

I know that when my dad passed, I couldn’t think of him as a spirit.

He’s my dad. He’s supposed to be here.

It wasn’t until much later that he appeared in dreams and came to me in spirit.

So try to be patient. And don’t get discouraged. They’ll find a way even if it takes awhile.

Side Note About Communicating With a Loved One

Side Note About Communicating With a Loved One Skull Gal

As a side note, if you decide to go to a psychic, make sure that they are reputable.

Ask around to see if anyone has already used that person.

A good psychic won’t charge very much money and won’t suggest that you give them extra money for special prayers or want you to come back all the time.

A good one will actually refuse to see you again for at least a year because they don’t want you to become dependent.

It’s important to move on as well as get the reassurance of their wellbeing.

More Usual Types of After-Death Communication

More Usual Types of After-Death Communication Skull Gal

It’s rare to have the kind of visit that was described above.

After-death communication from a loved one is usually more subtle.

There are many types of communication after-death signs that you may encounter.

During a study, it was found that “Four categories of ADCs were identified: (a) visions and dreams, (b) lost-things-found, (c) symbolic messages, and (d) sightings. Both men and women experience ADCs; however, women are more likely to discuss the events with others.” – Source: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

A quick search of what others are saying they’ve experienced by way of communication yielded the following, in no particular order.

  1. You Will Hear Music
  2. You Will Notice Repeating Numbers
  3. Certain Words May Send You A Message
  4. Some Smells Will Remind You of Them
  5. Random Gifts May Find Their Way To You
  6. Odd Sightings That Are Out Of The Ordinary
  7. All of a Sudden Random Memories in Your Mind
  8. Lights Acting Weird Around You
  9. After-Death Communication Dreams
  10. Objects and Things May Fall Down
  11. You’ll Feel Their Presence
  12. They’ll Use Technology To Contact You

Read more about how to recognize an After-Death Communication From A Loved One below

1. You May Hear Music

After-Death Communication Dreams You May Hear Music

You may hear a piece of music that reminds you of them.

It could be a song that was meaningful to both of you, (hey, listen, they’re playing our song) or just their favorite song.

But hearing it makes you think immediately of them.

2. You Will Notice Repeating Numbers

After-Death Communication Numbers - Skull Gal

You might see repeating numbers such as 55 or 1111 on clocks, billboards, license plates, etc.

Some people think this is also a form of angel message.

It could also be just a coincidence, but if it makes you think of someone you love, it could be a message from them.

3. Certain Words May Send You A Message

Certain Words May Send You A Message - Skull Gal

Similar to the one above is seeing a particular set of words that may have significance and to be giving you a message from someone, seen on billboards, books, ads, etc.

Again, the same thing, it could be a coincidence but if it means something to you, by all means, take it.

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4. Some Smells Will Remind You of Them

Smells Will Remind You of Them

A smell that you associate with the person could be another clue that they’re around.

The smell of pipe tobacco, a loved one’s favorite perfume or the smell of those sugar cookies you used to bake with your grandmother.

When none of those things are physically around it could be a pretty good indication you’re being contacted.

5. Random Gifts May Find Their Way To You

Sometimes you’ll receive small gifts such as feathers or money.

These are often thought to be signs of someone’s presence.

6. Odd Sightings That Are Out Of The Ordinary

Odds Sightings That Are Out Of The Ordinary

Two that are possibly just coincidence are the sightings of butterflies or seeing orbs in photos.

Butterflies are pretty common in some areas, especially in the Spring.

I would think it would be significant only if there are few butterflies in your area, although I can’t think of anywhere that wouldn’t have them or if it’s deep winter.

If you see them when you wouldn’t normally, I’d take notice.

But, again, if it makes you think of someone, accept it as communication and say thank you.

Orbs have been shown to be mostly light reflecting off of dust and insects, but the same caveat. If you think of Uncle Fred, it’s okay.

7. All of a Sudden Random Memories in Your Mind

You get a picture that reminds you of someone in your head or a message just seems to pop into your mind.

Those could be ways that they talk to you.

8. Lights Acting Weird Around You

The lights flicker on and off when there’s nothing wrong with the wiring or lights themselves.

They say if you ask who’s there and wait quietly for a response you may get a thought in your mind or some other response to let you know who is trying to reach you.

I’ve never had any luck with that, but I’ve also never been able to do any psychic work on purpose. For you, it might work great.

9. After-Death Communication Dreams

After-Death Communication Dreams Skull Gal

Your dreams may be a portal to a departed one. You can converse with them, they can show you what they’re doing and generally have a good visit.

My friend Michelle did that and showed me how she was practicing to have an easier life when she comes back.

She hadn’t gotten the hang of keeping herself well, but she was working on it.

Yes, I believe in reincarnation and if that was really her then so does she.

10. Objects and Things May Fall Down or Be Found

Objects move or fall down. That happens a lot to me.

After Michelle passed, both her sister and I had things move and drop and I don’t know what all for a couple of months.

My seatbelt started to move one day while I was eating in my car. Very slowly moving up.

A chill went through me and I said, “Michelle, you’re scaring me.” and the seatbelt stopped midway immediately.

I wasn’t sure if that was better or worse. But it was pure Michelle.

This was the girl who took my bottom-level locker and turned my padlock upside down and locked it so I’d have to practically stand on my head after my gym shower in high school to unlock it, so I was pretty sure it was her. And very reassured.

11. You Wil Feel Their Presence

After-Death Communication You Wil Feel Their Presence

Maybe you think someone is standing behind you but there isn’t anyone there or you feel air blowing around you and there isn’t a source or you feel someone looking at you but can’t find them.

Or you just feel goosebumps. Could be someone there.

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12. They’ll Use Technology To Contact You

They call you! The phone rings and no one is there.

Or they just say hello or your name and you recognize the voice and then it’s gone.

Some people have even said that a passed loved one’s phone number comes up on the caller ID.

Pretty far to reach out and touch someone, if you ask me.

Some Personal After-Death Contacts

Have you ever heard someone call your name when there was no one there?

People often say it’s your guardian angel or someone trying to reach you.

I often get this when I’m just drifting off to sleep or waking up.

Sometimes I recognize the voice as someone that I know who is very much alive.

So I believe the phenomenon is related to telepathy.

There have been times though, where I’ve heard a voice I recognized and had to think about who it was.

I know I know that voice, kind of thing.

Once I heard someone say “Margie?” in a surprised manner.

I told someone later on the phone that I recognized the voice but couldn’t place it.

I said that it was a beautiful voice, though.

That night I heard the same voice ask “You think I have a beautiful voice?”

She listened to my phone conversation?!

But I slowly realized who it was.

Voices From The Past

I had had a friend in high school and beyond but we’d had a falling out and I hadn’t seen her in years.

I looked her up on the internet and found an obituary from 6 months before.

Called the mortuary that was listed and got some information on her last days.

I was then able to go onto Facebook and announce the passing of our classmate.

I didn’t tell them that she had let me know after she passed.

“Many people have reported that they have seen a lifelike apparition of a friend or relative at about the time that that person was dying or involved in an accident, although the person experiencing the apparition had had no normal way of knowing about this event at the time.” – Source: med.virginia.edu

Another Visitor From The Past

The most special communication came one night a couple of years after my dad passed.

I was asleep and I live alone, so I’m afraid I was a little startled, but I woke to the bed bending down a little as if someone had sat down on the edge.

My back was to that side and I was too nervous to turn around.

I felt a light touch as if someone’s hand had been placed on my side.

I have a startle reflex, I’m afraid and I involuntarily jumped and the hand was removed, but the person remained sitting there for some time.

It felt like it was my dad and I wanted to turn to see and simultaneously was afraid to do so, not sure what I’d find.

I also was a little afraid to speak.

I lay like that just feeling his presence until he got up, I could feel the edge of the bed rise up as if someone stood up, and left.

Then I lay still and was just amazed until I finally fell asleep. That was a precious spirit of communication.

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After-Death Communication Sum Up

After-Death Communication is it Possible To Do - Skull Gal

After-death communication can come in many ways.

No matter how it’s achieved or what other people may say, as long as it brings you comfort and reassurance, it’s legitimate and a wonderful gift.

SkullGal.com will discuss topics of interest to those who want to know what else is out there beyond what we can see and hear physically.

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