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Psychic Experiences First Time Stories

Skull Gal Psychic Experiences

Psychic experiences from people just like you are good to hear about.  Read on to hear some of these stories and meet the people at Skull Gal.

  • My First Psychic Experiences
  • Our Desire to Know the Unknowable
  • Some of Your First Psychic Experiences
  • Psychic Story By Erika M.
  • Rhine Research Center
  • Spirit Story by Cindy M.
  • Card Reading Story by Edwin H.
  • Precognitive Dream by Tyler S.
  • Good and Evil Ghosts by Katherine P.
  • Bedtime Visitor by Leo G.
  • Until Later

You can read the paranormal stories in more detail below.

Skull Gal Psychic Experiences

Skull Gal Paranormal Stories PIN IT

Welcome to Skull Gal. If you like skulls and the paranormal, join us as we look into what’s out there in the world of the unknown.

We’ll start by hearing about some of your first psychic experiences.

We’ll explore all kinds of aspects of the afterlife and after-death phenomena.

Topics we’ll look into are skulls, crystal skulls, catacombs, ancestor worship, psychic phenomena, astral projection, ghosts and apparitions, telepathy and mind-reading, teleportation, dream messages, reincarnation, magic, and other unusual things.

Maybe even a little quantum physics, which can support some of these psychic experiences.

My First Psychic Experiences

People like things that go bump in the night and that’s as good a reason as any to be interested in the paranormal.

Many, though, have had an experience that they couldn’t understand and went on a quest to discover its meaning.

That would be my reason for becoming interested in Psychic Experiences and what’s out there.

On To The Stories

My first Psychic experience occurred when I was about 8 years old. I shared a room with my 6-year-old brother.

His bed was across the room from mine and mine was just inside the door with the foot of the bed facing the doorway.

This is considered to be unlucky in Feng Shui as dead bodies are removed from a room foot first.

The door led out into a short hallway connecting to my grandmother’s bedroom with a bathroom off one side of the hall and the entrance to the living room on the other.

The feeling that someone was watching me, woke me from sleep. I glanced across the room at my brother, but he was sleeping soundly.

After looking about the room, I then faced forward to lay back down and get a full view out of the door.

Looking back at me from the middle of the hallway was a green man’s head, with red around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

It was floating at about the height of an average-sized man, I guess and there was nobody whatsoever.

I screamed and just kept screaming. Then came the worst part. In response to my screams, my grandmother came out of her bedroom to see what was wrong.

She didn’t see the head and walked right through it and you could still see part of it behind her when she passed it.

That made me scream even louder and pull the covers over my head.

She entered my room and turned on the light and the head disappeared because it was no longer there when she persuaded me to remove the covers from my head.

Trying to explain what I’d seen only caused my grandmother to conclude I’d been dreaming. I don’t remember if my brother woke, he probably did and went right back to sleep. The light stayed on the rest of the night.

A Few Years Later

Several years later, when I was in my teens, we received a copy of a photo showing my father as a child and several of his brothers and his sister.

The oldest had features that reminded me of the face in the hall only younger. And not green, obviously.

My mother wondered if it had been the brother looking for my father and getting the wrong room. He had passed away a little over twenty years before. If it was him, who knows why he showed up green.

Just as an addition, since this site will feature skulls as well, not long after the first experience, I was sleeping and turned around to find a skull on the pillow next to me.

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I turned around away from it immediately and was afraid to move in case it rolled on me. Lying like this for a while, I then reasoned that I must have been dreaming and turned back around.

The skull was now a glowing red. I turned away again and stayed like that all night. Somehow I slept, but don’t ask how. That was the only time something like that happened.

Our Desire to Know the Unknowable

Our Desire to Know the Unknowable Skull Gal Paranormal Story

So, as you can see, I wanted to know what it was all about.

There were other experiences and strange feelings that I couldn’t explain and as I read more and more I found that these Psychic Experiences had been known to happen for as long as recorded history.

There are people so curious that they have made it their life’s study and there is a science called parapsychology that checks out various reports of different phenomena and devises psychic experiments to see if they can determine what causes it and if it can be replicated.

Many, more mainstream, disciplines are skeptical at the least of this branch of science and ridicule their efforts.

But there have been some phenomena that they have been able to recreate through their psychic experiments and to measure some of the results.

Then quantum physics opened the door to almost endless possibilities from our perspective.

As long as people encounter these unusual happenings and wonder what they are or yearn to learn what else is out there in life or what happens to us after we die, there will be an interest and research done into these experiences.

Plus, there’s a feeling of connecting with the souls of some people, at least for me.

I don’t have near the experiences that I used to have and, fortunately, there was only one green head.

Regardless, I still have an almost insatiable need to know all about this unusual and sometimes extremely numinous connection that we occasionally encounter.

Some of Your First Psychic Experiences

You have the first contact, to borrow a phrase, as well, most likely and that is what brings you to read online and in books and watch movies and tv and go to groups and suggest ghost stories around a campfire.

Here are some other first psychic experiences. And thank you so much for taking the time to submit them.

They include seeing and hearing ghosts, seeing the future through dreams and tarot cards, and, in the first story, being protected from harm by a benevolent being.

Psychic Story By Erika M.


“I remember the moment that I developed a deep sense of knowingness beyond the physical plane.

I believe that spirits are always around us; some can be willfully accessed, while others appear when we need them the most.

When I was a young girl, I tripped at the top of a long set of narrow concrete steps leading down to my grandparent’s basement. As I slipped, my body propelled forward headfirst.

I was freefalling very rapidly and then, in a fraction of a second, I felt a presence slow and suspend my quick descent.

This feeling that came over me could only be compared or described experientially to flying.

While levitating in the air, I felt weightlessness and saw a white hue with a golden ring emanating from my entire body; my arms, my hands, and even my fingertips appeared like bright rods of light.

I gently touched down belly first on the cold cement floor without a single bruise, cut, or even a hair out of place.

Then, after a few seconds, that goldish bright energy surrounding my little physical frame just dissipated.

For a while, I ran around thinking I was some sort of superhero.

I tried desperately to recreate that same sensation I had on the concrete steps by jumping out of trees and throwing myself off of brick fences.

Often, I would just end up with lots of scrapes and dark bruises. As hard as I tried, I could never reproduce that same type of flying feeling again, not physically anyway.

But it was a very real experience, as real as my fingers hitting the laptop keys in front of me right now.

Was it an angel, a spirit guide, or my higher self that saved me from a potentially fatal accident? I don’t know.

But what I do know, is that after that experience, I’ve had many extrasensory events take place for myself and those around me.

My awareness ranges from typical empathic abilities to telepathy, to remote viewing, to lower vibrational entity encounters, etc.

However, I must admit that all other psychic experiences that I’ve had truly pale in comparison to my first, as it was a great gift of spiritual protection awareness.”

Rhine Research Center

The next three stories were contributed by followers or members of the Rhine Research Center

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Named for Joseph B. Rhine and begun in 1935 at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina this center has been exploring, researching, and documenting psychic phenomena for over 80 years.

All of their findings so far are available for you to study on their website. There are many ways for you to become involved as well, from online discussions to actual group participation at the center itself.

Here’s how you can contact them.

Rhine Research Center
2741 Campus Walk Avenue
Building 500
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 309-4600

Now for the Psychic Experiences Stories.

Spirits Story by Cindy M.


“My first experience was about the age of 9. I woke up to see spirits in my room and listening to them talk.

I heard one say “she is awake” and they were excited that I could see them.

They drifted towards me. I remember being terrified. They were ghosts – white see-through spirits.

Another one that I remember was about the age of 15. This woman spirit was in my doorway of my bedroom.

I heard my dog growling and my 2-year-old little brother said “Cindy” and pointed to her. She then just floated away into another room.

The most frightening experience though happened shortly after the woman appeared.

I was sleeping and something began punching my pillow from under my head. I felt something walking on my body.

I’ve had a lot of experiences and frankly don’t know how to turn off my ability to see and hear them.”

Card Reading Story by Edwin H.


“Many years ago it was customary for women of Latino/a descent to seek the help of an espiritísta in matters of the heart, to find work, or to find out if the bad luck they’d been experiencing was the result of a “mal de ojo”.

My great aunt connected with such an espiritísta who helped her tremendously with the psychological issues her son was experiencing.

I met this espiritísta whose name was Ramona and she took me under her wing to teach me how to read Tarot cards.

Ramona only worked with the standard playing card deck from a company named Fournier that was and still is ubiquitous throughout the Latino/a community.

I showed her the Swiss 1JJ I wanted to learn with. Ramona made a face of disgust and we struck a deal. I’d learn the Naipes first and we’d go on to the Swiss deck.

I remember the month and the year. September 1976. My mother asked me to read her cards. I told her that I didn’t feel ready and she kept insisting.

I finally took out the Swiss 1JJ and told her she was making a trip in December. She asked for details. I told my mum I didn’t have a clue.

Well, she asked me, am I going to Puerto Rico? I told her maybe, maybe not and she became annoyed because my mum and father had just returned from visiting family that August and it had been a costly expense.

My mum pressed me for further details and all I could confirm was a trip right before Christmas in December, she’d be traveling by herself and it didn’t look as if it was going to be Puerto Rico.

My mum transitioned that December on the 21st of a cerebral hemorrhage. I was so traumatized by her passing and having predicted it that it took me three years to have anything to do with the occult again.”

Precognitive Dream by Tyler S.

“I also have my story of how I got interested in the field by having a precognitive dream in which I was robbed and the exact same scenario took place 3 days later.”

Good and Evil Ghosts

GOOD AND EVEL GHOSTS PARANORMAL STORIES SKULL GALThis next story has ongoing phenomena and posits the existence of a shapeshifter ghost, something I’m unfamiliar with.

There was an offer of more information, so perhaps we can get another story to help explain what that means or is like.

Good and Evil Ghosts by Katherine P.

I have always been very sensitive to anything paranormal, and my first time experiencing something was when I was around 4 years old.

I lived in a house with my 5 older brothers and my mom, and all 6 kids shared one huge bedroom upstairs.

I remember frequently seeing the shape of a little boy in front of my bed, only my bed.

I told my brothers and mom about him over and over, but they insisted I was making it up (I’m sure to try to keep me from being too scared).

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I saw strange things around the house such as old dried-up blood spots that disappeared when I walked away.

Things that looked like fingers under the couch once, and the little boy would sometimes have a paper bag over his head.

My family continued to tell me I was being a delusional little girl so I tried to ignore it.

One day when my brothers were all at school, I was playing on the top of the stairs when the little boy came up to me and with no hesitation, he pushed me down the stairs.

I screamed for my mom and told her what happened, and she told me I made the story up.

It was only recently she told me what was really happening in that house.

From the day we moved in, there were strange things happening that my young self didn’t see happening.

My brothers were regularly locked in rooms and closets, their friends refused to come over because they witnessed it.

One friend told my mom he felt the devil in our home and never came over again.

My mother talked to multiple psychics and even got herself an ouija board to communicate with whoever was in the home.

She concluded with the help of psychics, mediums, and her own experiences that there were two spirits in our home. One good, one bad.

The “woman in red” who I never saw was said to be our protector, we don’t know much about her.

The “woman in white” was a shapeshifter, and that is who pushed me down the stairs.

I still have a scar from my knee sticking into a nail on the stairs that day.

One of my brothers used to have a photo of the little boy, but it’s been lost over the years.

We had to move within that year, and a month after we moved out the empty house caught fire.

It is still standing and in use, but the owners are always changing. It seems nobody can get comfortable there.

Bedtime Visitor

Psychic Experiences Bedtime Visitor Skull Gal

This next story is from our site moderator. Not his first encounter, as can be seen by the almost relaxed way he interacts with his visitor,

But still very interesting and the fact that he’s had more than one experience is a good reason to continue being interested in the paranormal.

Bedtime Visitor by Leo G.

“I have had many psychic experiences in my time, but I will tell you the story of my latest psychic experience.

I had just got a new gig and was between houses. Technically I was homeless and needed a place to put my head.

Luckily, my boss had a motorhome which he had just recently purchased from a friend.

It was conveniently parked on the back 40, right next to the truck I would be driving. Talk about luck.

My boss said I could live in it until I find a new place, to which I happily agreed.

He was nice to inform me that the previous owner had died in the motorhome.

Which explains why he had gotten it so cheap. I personally did not mind all that much. I now had a place to lay my head

Well a few days later, as I was laying in bed and was getting comfortable to try to get some sleep… it happened.

I sensed someone sitting on the bottom corner of the bed.  This is an 8′ x 10′ room.

Only one door and I know the door to my room was locked and the front door to the motorhome was locked.

There is no way someone could have hid or gone by me in this little room.

Well, I did the next logical thing.  I said, “I’m going to bed, I’m tired and it has been a long day. If you are going to bother me… Let’s get it done, so I can go back to sleep”…

Quiet… more quiet… a few more seconds of deep silence and nothing… then I felt something getting off the bed… and nothing else.

I went to sleep.  Mind you, my whole body was covered up to my head. I never looked out.”

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Until Later

Skull Gal Paranormal Stories

If you’d care to share your first psychic experiences in the comments, please feel free so that everyone can learn a little more and validate their own psychic experiences.

And if there’s something you’d like us to particularly explore, please let us know that as well.

We don’t know all the answers but we’ll look up as much as we can and share what we’ve already learned and hopefully, find out things we never even thought of. Until next time.

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